TIROL 2.0 was my contribution to the composition competition of the reginal wind band association VSM, which was organized due to the tyrolian commemorative year in 2009 of the 200th anniversary of the fighting against Napoleons occupation.
In this work, it was my intention to include in a relaxed manner basic features and characteristics of the traditional tyrolian music into a modern concert work. The work consistently switches suddenly between traditional and new styles, until they melt into a single style, which becomes quite familiar. Even the instrumentation reflects this idea, by giving traditionally important instruments as the flugelhorn and tenorhorn a lot of space. And finally, also the title describes this upgrade of the traditional music by using the software term of an incremented version number.
Type: Concert work Grade: 5 Min.: 13 Year: 2009 Publisher: Musikverlag Frank Instrumentation: Wind Band Audio sample: Score extract:
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