The concert march "HOCH EPPAN" was commissioned by the B├╝rgerkapelle St. Michael/Eppan. The occasion was the opening of the renovated Kultursaal in St. Michael/Eppan. The driving force behind it where Franz Lintner, mayor at that time, Ralf Stefan Troger, conductor of the band, and Wilfried Bernard, president of the band. The march was a gift from the outgoing mayor to his home town of Eppan. The premiere took place at the opening ceremony of the Kultursaal in May 2010. In addition to a fanfare-like introduction, the concert march also features a vocal part in the Trio. Jul Bruno Laner, born in Eppan, is responsible for the lyrics and skilfully considers the peculiarities of the town of Eppan into the lyrics.
Type: Concert march Grade: 3 - 4 Min.: 5 Year: 2010 Publisher: Musikverlag Frank Instrumentation: Wind Band Audio sample:
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