This piece was commissioned by the parish of Unterinn in collaboration with the local wind band Mk Unterinn. The occasion was the 800th anniversary of the parish. In this work, the story of the parish is combined with the happenings during the curch year.
A the beginning we can hear the gregorian choral "Dies irae", wihch stands for the suffering during the plague epidemic in the 14th century. Because the town was spared, a dedicated chapel was build, and the music changes to a cheerful theme. Afterwards, the style of the music changes again and becomes calm and thoughtful, expressing the Lenten season. But before long, we celebrate Easter, and the music gets a frolic character. Suddenly, the happiness vanishes, and a type of funeral march can be heard: a blow of fate happened. But for the Christian, death is not the end, and in the Finale, the very popular chant "Gro├čer Gott wir loben dich" can be heard in a slightly varied form.
Type: Concert work Grade: 4 Min.: 12 Year: 2011 Publisher: Musikverlag Frank Instrumentation: Wind Band Audio sample: Score extract:
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