"Frühlingsnacht" ("spring night") expresses two fundamental feelings, sadness and hope. The overall impression of the work is melancholic, but this basic tendency is repeatedly broken by brief rays of hope. If these glimmers of hope are still rare and reserved at the beginning, they shine more and more frequently and brighter as the work progresses, until the end has shaken off all sadness. A spring night reflects this development in a certain way, as it is the transition from standstill to the new awakening of all life.

The work was premiered in July 2012 during the Mahler Weeks in Toblach. The performers were Wolfgang David (violin, Yushan Li (viola), Wolfgang Panhofer (cello) and Christopher Devine (piano).
Type: Piano Quartet Grade: - Min.: 7 Year: 2012 Publisher: Self-publishing Instrumentation: Other Audio sample:
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