TERRA MOMENTUM was commissioned by the wind band Musikkapelle Längenfeld (A) and dedicated to the completion of the new bandstand. Due to the solemn occasion, the piece starts with a fanfare which leads into the calm main theme, standing for the dream and wish of the new building. Afterwards, the enthusiasm which fuels the initiation of the project can be heard. The march-like middle part of the piece reflects the effort and the difficulties of the realization, but before long the fanfare theme - standing for the confidence - blends in and shortly the two melt together. Finally, the new bandstand is finished, and the main theme sounds in a splendid Grandioso, which leads into the finale.
Type: Concert work Grade: 3 - 4 Min.: 7 Year: 2013 Publisher: Musikverlag Frank Instrumentation: Wind Band Audio sample:
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