REDITUS SOLIS (Return of the Sun) was commissioned by the wind band Musikkapelle Tschengls and dedicated to Josef Tschenett for his 10th anniversary as its conductor.
A special peculiarity of the hometown of the band is as follows: During the winter, over two months the sun is blocked by high mountains surrounding the town, and so no direct sunlight can reach it. Therefore, the piece starts with a cheerful introduction, but then switches into a very calm, expressive theme. But then, the tension increases to a Maestoso, as the day of the returning sun comes closer and finally the first sunbeams touch the streets. In the last part, both themes - the one of the beginning and the calm one - where picked up again and lead into the Finale.
Type: Concert work Grade: 3 - 4 Min.: 7 Year: 2013 Publisher: Musikverlag Frank Instrumentation: Wind Band Audio sample:
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