In the land of LORIT, six unfortunate, unlucky creatures meet: A fearful knight, the dragon who cannot breathe fire, a bird who cannot fly, the fairy in whom no one believes any more, the court jester whose laughter has been driven away by heartache, and a terrified vampire. They decide to leave LORIT and to seek happiness: On their peculiar voyage you will encounter different Species: the Grantlers, the Raster people, the Brutalos or the Feirers... They enter the world of the rich and beautiful and into the world of advertising. But nowhere they find a new home. Learn about the Lederhosen gnomes and their knowledge about the lands. From the catch of the fire devils, the heroes must free themselves bravely. Only from the Queen of Kraken and a flock of birds do they finally get useful Advice...

A fairy-tale, cheeky musical for the whole family from the Land LORIT with many musical styles, partly also in a local dialect, with wit and also to think about.

The libretto was written by Toni Taschler.
The world premiere of the musical took place on 18.02.2014 with the 3rd classes of the Sozialwissenschaftliches Gymnasium Bruneck with a regional focus on music. Simon Mittermair and Ruth Burchia were responsible for the excellent musical direction.

Type: Musical Grade: 3 - 4 Min.: 80 Year: 2014 Publisher: Self-publishing Instrumentation: Other
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