ETOSHA is the name of a famous namibian national park and wildlife refuge.
During the drying time a lot of spieces can be met around the vital waterholes. This piece describes the lively, chaotic and dangerous activities around such a waterhole. Because under cover of darkness lions are lurking and waiting for there chance.
Etosha starts with the main theme, which runs like a thread through the whole piece. The savannah lies in front of us, just before the sunset. Slowly the sun goes down, and the night beginns. Small animals are making their way carefully to the waterhole, thereafter slowly other animals join them and before long, a lot of different species are satisfying their thirst.
But the peace holds not for long. A pack of lions watches closely the activities around the waterhole. And suddenly, they emerge from their hiding places and start their deadly hunt. After the dramatic climax, the lions vanish with their prey in the darkness. Soon afterwards, the sun rises and the initial theme can be heard again, citing the natural concept of "eat and be eaten".
This peace was commissioned as the compulsory piece for a wind band competition in Switzerland in 2014.
Type: Concert work Grade: 4 Min.: 11 Year: 2013 Publisher: Musikverlag Frank Instrumentation: Wind Band Audio sample:
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