JOLLY ROGER was the Name of the infamous pirate flag, scull and crossbones. Its purpose was to be hoisted during the hunt for another ship and to spread terror among the unlucky fellows, yet before the ship was boarded. These piece describes the journey of such a pirate ship. The peaceful beginning tells us of calm sea and good weather. But then the Flag is hoisted, the atmosphere changes and becomes bleak and menacing. The ship sails majestically and under full sails through the open sea. And suddenly they spot a prospective victim on the horizon, and immediately the hunt begins... The crew of the hunted ship give it them all to escape the threatening predators. After the climax, the end of the story seems not clear. But after a short reprise of the "flag theme", the hunted sailors carefully realize that they escaped the pirates.
Type: Concert work Grade: 4 Min.: 8 Year: 2005 Publisher: De Haske Instrumentation: Wind Band
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