ZEICHEN DER ZEIT (german for SIGNS OF THE TIMES) describes the history of the wind band Musikkapelle Fulpmes (A), which commissioned these piece due to the impressive 240th(!) anniversary of the band.
In such a long time many things happen, and therefore the piece consists of many different styles and themes. At the beginning, a religious sounding theme stands for the beginnings of the wind band as a church music. Shortly after, the march theme represents the enthusiasm of the people to start a rebellion against Napoleon, who occupied Tyrol in these days. But when the fighting begins, they realize how much misery comes with the war. This dramatic part of the work stands also for both of the world wars, which also leaves their marks of destruction and suffering on this beautiful region, represented by a "elegy"-like theme.
But then people regains hope, and the economic miracle of the second half of the 20th century comes in. We can hear the lively sound of workers and machines, the situation improves. But then abruptly the initial church theme takes over, standing for the steadiness of the wind band, which survives all these times. And finally, a powerful fanfare represents the confidence of the members in a bright future for the band.
Type: Concert work Grade: 3 Min.: 9 Year: 2014 Publisher: Musikverlag Frank Instrumentation: Wind Band Audio sample:
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