Searching a Marian text for my composition, I finally found "Regina Caeli, Queen of Heaven". The throughout optimistic, hopeful and joyful character of the text on the resurrection of Christ inspired me right there. The pure fifth forms the fulcrum of the composition. The text was written in the 12th century and has been used since the late Middle Ages in various German translations and variants. Here the probably most popular version is used.

The premiere took place on 16 May 2016 in the parish church of Nals as part of the so called "organ hike" in South Tyrol. It was performed by the church choir of Nals under the direction of Josef Egger and Matthias Egger on the organ.
Type: Work for Organ and Choir Grade: 4 Min.: 5 Year: 2016 Publisher: Self-publishing Instrumentation: Other
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