HAGZISSA (old german term for witch) is a concert piece consisting of 4 movements. Every movement is commited to a different aspect of our notion of the witches:
The first "in the wood of witches" introduces the main theme, eerie and gloomy.
The second one entitled "in the witch kitchen" describes in a somewhat comical style the chaotic brewing of a magic potion.
The third with the name "the herb witch" is dedicated to the good aspects of the witch, a friendly woman helping the people and cettle whith there ancient herbal knowledge.
And finally, in the movement "the broom ride" we follow the witches on their furious ride on the broomsticks to gather at midnight.
Type: Concert work Grade: 4 Min.: 9 Year: 2016 Publisher: Musikverlag Frank Instrumentation: Wind Band Audio sample:
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