The concert march "Durch eineinhalb Jahrhunderte - Ridnauner Bergmannsmarsch" (german for "Through One And a Half Centuries - Miners March of Ridnaun" follows the traditional schema "First Movement, Bass-Solo, Trio". Nevertheless it comes up with some special features:
The short intro includes a quote of the popular miners march "Gl├╝ck auf", and leads into the first movement, a vivid mixture of traditional March, Concert March and Dixie elements.
The Bass-Solo sets it apart with some unexpected but catchy chord series. The edgy bass melody has been accompanied with thrills in the woods and syncopated rhythmic patterns of the rest.
Finally a smooth transition leads into the Trio where the Baritone introduces the new melodic theme. After a short Intermezzo, the theme is picked up again in Tutti.
Type: Concert march Grade: 3 - 4 Min.: 4 Year: 2018 Publisher: Musikverlag Frank Instrumentation: Wind Band Audio sample:
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