This work is a hommage to the knight, poet and one of the last "Minnesänger" Oswald von Wolkenstein. I choose the 3 songs "Herr Wirt uns dürstet", "Es fuegt sich" and "Es nahet gen der vasennacht" from his comprehensive musical heritage and elaborated it in this work.

The work was commissioned by the two wind bands Musikkapelle Toblach and Musikkapelle St. Georgen for there joint concert. Because of the considerable higher number of musicians, i adapted and accordingly augmented the instrumentation.

Even if the melody of the original songs remain almost untouched, i put them in a harmonical and stilistic different context to create a modern concert work.
Type: Concert work Grade: 4 Min.: 10 Year: 2019 Publisher: Musikverlag Frank Instrumentation: Wind Band Audio sample:
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