The piece "Klongfeichtn" combines the traditional role of the Alphorn with new musical ideas. First and foremost, it is about not estranging the familiar sound of an Alphorn trio but leaving room for the familiar and the unconventional. Even if at first glance the Alphorn's limited range of tones doesn't seem to offer much possibilities, eventually some interesting combinations opened up. The addition of percussion elements as an exotic element and the Zither as accompaniment and harmony instrument extended the possibilities tremendously.

The result is a four-movement suite whose movements were named after the following sections of the day in the original "Sarner" dialect:

1st movement "Z'mörgits" (at the morning): Describes a peaceful morning mood with elements of a yodel, accompanied by subtle zither and percussion sounds.

2nd movement "Unturtougs (during the day): Describes the hectic course of a day, fast and with drum elements in the foreground.

3rd movement "Zi dr Marenn" (after work): Here the hectic pace of the day is forgotten again. A quiet song, played only by 3 alphorners.

4th movement "Znochts" (at night): A relaxed ballad, with pop elements, in which mainly the zither determines the harmonies.

The suite was created for the CD production "Klongfeichtn" by the "Sarner Alphornbläser" on the occasion of their 20th anniversary.
Type: Suite for 3 Alphorns, Zither and Percussion Grade: 4 Min.: 14 Year: 2018 Publisher: Self-publishing Instrumentation: Other Audio sample:
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