DIE MURON SAGA (1870.li)

The Muron Saga (1870.li) was written as a commissioned composition for the 150th anniversary of the Konkordia-Mauren (FL) music society. In this 4 pictures are described:
Picture 1 is about ancient times, in which the germanic god Wodan sends out his ravens over the primeval land.
Picture 2 describes fierce battles between Alemanni, Romans and Saracens that ravaged the area in 900 AD.
In the 3rd picture, the Liechtenstein folk song "Mein einzig schönes Liechtenstein" is heard. In quiet tones, the founding time of the music society in 1870 is remembered. Picture 4 is in the present; a fanfare introduces the celebration of the anniversary, which ends in a rocking finale.

The question of how all this is held together is quite justified. :-) For this I introduce a main theme right at the beginning, which accompanies us throughout the piece and changes according to the circumstances.
Type: Concert work Grade: 3 - 4 Min.: 10 Year: 2020 Publisher: Musikverlag Frank Instrumentation: Wind Band
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