JENSEITS DES LICHTS was commissioned by the Youth Wind Band of South Tyrol (SJBO). The title - german for BEYOND THE LIGHT - refers to the mystically and fascinating Black Holes, phenomenons lurking in the deep space and soaking in everything, even light. These work describes the - from a scientific point of view of course totally crazy, i admit - journey into such a monster. In the first part we are floating in the peaceful in the space, but then, the target comes into view. Well prepared for the trip, we start the engines of our spaceship. We can feel the fist signs of the growing gravity, the music becomes faster, more bustling and even more heroic. Entering the event horizon, all the forces react on us, and suddenly we are in the world beyond...
Type: Concert work Grade: 5 Min.: 9 Year: 2008 Publisher: Musikverlag Frank Instrumentation: Wind Band Audio sample: Score extract:
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