I wrote Sphères des éléments for the 7th edition of the international composition competition Coups de Vents 2021, which had to be postponed to 2022 due to Covid. One of the requirements of the competition was that the piece should take on the theme of Planet Earth and the 4 elements. I followed this topic in so far as the work describes a journey into the interior of our planet. Each element is assigned a corresponding "sphere" of the earth, which are crossed one after another. Moreover, the main theme consists exclusively of 4 tones or rather the 3 corresponding intervals, which dominates the entire work and appears in every section of the work in a more or less obvious form.

The very first floating sounds in the heights of the "Atmosphère - Protective Envelope" - the first part of the work - reveal these 4 notes. A first majestic climax describes the beauty of the planet. Vibrant wooden passages simulate the movements of the air masses before a dive into the oceans leads us into the second part, the "Hydrosphère - the cradle of life". Undulating dynamic movements prevail in this part, dominated by a harp solo followed by a flugelhorn solo. The journey takes us further to the bottom of the sea and finally into it, the third part "Lythosphère - Floating Rocks". A throbbing rhythm builds up more and more tension as huge masses of rock inevitably move towards each other, get caught, pile up on top of each other. Elemental forces can be heard at the end of this part, until we finally dive into the liquid lava mantle below, the "Asthénosphère - Sea of Fire". But things are not calmer here: hectic throw-ins and fast runs define the image of a seething mass that is constantly on the move and never comes to rest. The journey leads further and further into the hot interior until we finally reach the centre of the planet at the brilliant finale of the work. The composition finally ends with the 4 familiar notes, as they disappear into nothingness played by the vibraphone.

The work was awarded the 1st prize.
Type: Concert work Grade: 4-5 Min.: 10 Year: 2020 Publisher: Musikverlag Frank Instrumentation: Wind Band
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