Prospectus civitatis (Latin for "views of a town") was a commissioned composition by the music band "Musikkapelle Kiens" for its 200th anniversary and depicts the municipality of Kiens in the Pustertal valley. The community consists of various settlements, ranging from remote mountain slopes to a traffic-clogged valley. A bird's-eye view of the area is described. We start with the yodel-like theme at the highest point, the peak Mutenock towards Hofern, a smaller settlement on the mountainside. We continue to St. Sigmund, where the magnificent Corpus Christi procession passes by at the appropriate marching speed. In the following faster part we come to Ehrenburg, where a majestic fanfare-like theme is introduced. Thereupon it becomes hectic; The hustle and bustle of the through traffic on the Pustertalerstrasse can be heard. In the final section we arrive in Kiens, and all the previous themes are combined in a manner befitting the jubilee. In the quiet final part, the entire landscape slowly disappears into the distance.
Type: Concert work Grade: 3-4 Min.: 8 Year: 2020 Publisher: Musikverlag Frank Instrumentation: Wind Band
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