"Sunnseit" was written as a commissioned composition by the wind band Musikkapelle Altrei, for the 700th anniversary of the municipality of Altrei and the simultaneous 60th anniversary of the band. "Sunnseit" (South Tyrolean for "sunside") describes the southern location of the village of Altrei quite well. The work describes the untouched landscapes and forests in the surrounding area, as well as the rustic and traditional flair of the village. The main motif describes with a mixture of traditional and somewhat mystical chords the beautiful, but also mysterious and mythical places around Altrei. This is followed by a faster part in which the lively village and of course cultural life is described. Everything together then leads into an Allegro Maestoso, in which the first theme is taken up again as a kind of hymn, representing the 700 year jubilee. Finally, the circle closes again, in which all the tension of the work is taken back and the piece ends with the opening motif.
Type: Grade: 3 Min.: 7 Year: 2020 Publisher: Instrumentation: Wind Band
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