The concert work "Sålt'n Pepper" was a commissioned composition of the Musikkapelle Jenesien (I), due to the 10th anniversary of its conductor Ralf Stefan Troger. The peculiar title "Sålt'n Pepper" is not only limited to the common english name for the two spices, but also to the surrounding area of Jenesien, which is colloquially called Såltn. A particular wish of the band was to incorporate traditional elements into the composition in a modernized form. In order for the work to live up to its ambiguous name, a relatively simple yodel motif as the main theme was spiced up with all sorts of variations. The fast middle section in particular, which follows a quiet opening, is peppered with some tricky time signature changes. The melodious chorale that follows provides relaxation, leading into a solemn final section.
Type: Concert piece Grade: 4 Min.: 10 Year: 2022 Publisher: Musikverlag Frank Instrumentation: Wind Band
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