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Welcome to my Homepage! Here you will find some information about me and my work as a composer for Wind Band, Brass Band and other Ensembles.
Beside the most important infos about my works, you can download some audio samples and score extracts. Finally you will find a short biography.

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Wind Band Musikverein Bildstein

"The full works!" :-)

It's definitely a special honour for a composer when the whole concert program is dedicated to his works! Exactly that happened at the spring concert of the wind band Musikverein Bildstein (A) at 21st April 2018.
Seven works of mine were performed under the skilful conduction of Klaus Greiderer. It was amazing!
Mk Lengmoos

First performance of "Excita!"

The piece Excita! was performed first during the traditional concert of the wind band Musikkapelle Lengmoos (I) on 1st April 2018, conducted by Norbert Fink.
It was commissioned for the 200th anniversary of the wind band, so it has every reason to celebrate! It was a pleasure being a part of it.
Director's Choise

First performance of "Confusion"

The special work "Confusion - 9x20 Bars for Mario" was written by not less than 9 composers. Its first performance took place at 10th December 2017 by the Musikgesellschaft Ostermundigen (CH).
It was dedicated to and conducted by Mario Bürki, who celebrated the 20th anniversary as conducter of the above-mentioned wind band. Among well-known composers such as Victoriano Valencia, Philip Sparke, Andreas L. Schulte, Thomas Asanger, Kevin Houben, Jakob de Haan, Marc Jeanbourquin and Nicholas Jarrige, it was a pleasure to contribute my 20 bars to the piece.

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